How to tell between shy guy or uninterested?

There's this guy who I've been acquainted with for a while now. We smile and briefly greet each other and whatnot, but that's about that. I suspected a few times he may have thought I was attractive but nothing came of it and he'd go date others and I'd go date others. He usually dates girls he's been friends with for a bit, and I can tell he's kinda shy. He's got a lot of girl friends, but when I approach him to try and chat he looks visibly scared of me lol. How do I know if he's being shy or not interested in me? How will a shy guy act?


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  • A shy person will express his interest differently to show his affection. You might have to be more observant on his behavior. Eg. he stays around longer than normal but never try to strike a conversation.

    An uninterested guy will just be oblivious of your presence showing the same behavior whether you are around or not.

    • Do shy guys tend to touch things/fiddle with something when speaking to a girl they like? Like say he's holding a cup and I came and said hi and he puts it down and is now shuffling around his desk...

    • I guess they will focus their attention on some random stuff instead of making eye contact with the other person.
      He might have to force himself to talk to you making the situation fells awkward.

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  • If he's anything like me, I'm one of those shy types, being visibly scared probably means he finds you attractive and doesn't know what to do about it. He could also be intimidated, but it's not a bad thing. Just have to find a way to make him feel comfortable to converse with you.

    • Is there a way to make him more comfortable? Does consistently being kind/friendly do anything for him? lol

    • Lol yea consistency might help him to muster up some confidence.

  • A shy guy will act afraid of you. Or suddenly lose his ability to make conversation. Ask him out, you'll know the answer then. Oh, be low key about it.


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