Girls, I used to be a "nice guy", am I cured?

I used to be the sterotypical clingy, overemotional nice guy desperate to impress and please a girl. Needless to say she lost interest when only just started dating and ending up going for guy with a bad boy persona.

Anyway I"ve learnt not to care what girls think of me, hit the gym and got better at lying.
Long story short I ran into this girl at a club, hooked up with her, told her I'd call her and then deleted her number.

I think I'm cured and finally have the closure to move on from this sorrry chapter of my life.

So, am I cured?
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Girls, do you agree?
Also I should have been clearer, this was the same girl.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You just got really lame. Yeah you will get more pussy, that is all you are going to get by acting like that. But if thats enough for you, yay?

    • Maybe it' enough but it's a lot better than nothing.

    • *maybe it's not

Most Helpful Guy

  • I fail to see how getting better at lying is a cure for anything, so in reading your question I would have to say you are pretty, pretty far from being cured.

    Here's what the real cure feels like...

    ... first, you realize a Cure was not a matter of any particular course of action you ever took. The problem is you blaming it all on everyone else. You're such a good and sweet person how bloody dare anyone impinge on your intentions? Wake up to this... the reason women are not turned on to you is not because they are necessarily more attracted to other people, it's that "nice guy" behavior is a turn off to begin with as it is nothing but ulterior motives you don't have the sincerity to move on up front.

    ... second, once realizing that you being God's Little Snowflake are the epicenter of your lousy situation, you do the hardest thing of all. You let go of all those Expectations. They're wrong because you lay them on Other People, people who have no idea what is going on in your head. How can other people be expected to live up to such lofty ideals? They Can't and no one would likely want to if they knew what they were... because You are not Them. Other people have their own wants and needs, too.

    ... third, once you get to the end of your path and you honestly feel like you've changed I can assure you it will be wholly underwhelming in it's finality, it will feel like something died in you because honestly it has, but most importantly your perspective will have so fundamentally changed that you won't recognize yourself.

    • Agree wholeheartedly, I've met too many self proclaimed nice guys who blame it all on that. If you're really a sweet caring guy to women, chances are you don't flaunt it or say it at all

    • I said "nice guy".

    • ... and now you are a "nice guy" trying to be a bully, treating other people the same way you felt you were treated instead of taking any personal responsibility and addressing your own issues.

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What Girls Said 2

  • you have a bigger things to worry about... you have the ''dumbass syndrome'' and ''idiotic illness''

  • Is that a syndrome?
    I like nice guys. there just sterotypes, dude. break the rules


What Guys Said 4

  • You're just as much a fool as the girl who left if you're trying to be a 'bad boy' you can be yourself and love a woman without bowing to her every wish and still be a good man who is truthful and caring, that will always be better than some punk who just wants sex and thinks he's cool for not caring. Sorry man but you sound immature, I doubt it was the 'nice' thing sending them away

    • This was the same girl. Now she knows what it's like.

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    • "bad boys never get anything real,"

      It's still better than getting nothing.

    • You'll get plenty if you are a great guy with passions, and I'd much rather have one sweet attractive girl, that a harem who sleep around. You need to grow up kid. You're just another example if another self proclaimed nice guy, I guarantee there's a reason you couldn't get girls before that had nothing to do with being serious and nice, most likely your mentality or maturity by the sounds of it, but either way I can't convince you, you'll either come to your senses about it and solve your problem by working on yourself or you'll have a series of loose women who'll just make you miserable or get you stuck with a kid young. Have fun with that mindset

  • If you not being nice you'll get more aggressive. In an aggressive mindset you will achieve greater things but be filled with bitterness as a side effect.

  • Dude you went from nice guy to Jerk. If any girl gets to know you she will quickly dump your sorry ass.

    • But at least I get to know her (biblically) first. Better than being a nice guy loser virgin.

    • says the guy who will never be happily married. Dude one night stands do not add up to the amount sex you will get after your married.

    • It's still better than nothing - which is what I had and would still have if hadn't changed.

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