Am I being impatient or is he just no longer interested?

I've been on 8 total dates with this super nice christian guy from January-now (July) Everything was going great but kind of slow. We kissed once on our 6th date at the end of April and have not again since then. He did it really cute though and planned the whole thing to be part of my birthday present. He got me a present, pays for everything on our dates, until recently. On our last 8th date at the end of June, he seemed distant. we went to dinner and a movie but he told me he needed to get back (after he dropped me off) to get to practice. His dad forces him to play tennis 24/7 and he's really good, but he is even making him play in college when he doesn't really want to. He payed for the movie but only had enough to pay for his dinner. I've met his parents and sister (at the end of April) but he never asked to be "official"(which is what I want) He said his mom really liked me and I know his sister already but his dad said hi, talked for like 2 min. and then left BOTH times. He is the youngest boy in his family (one older brother, one younger sister) Is that why? Or is he simply no longer interested and it's his decision? By the way he recently went to a week long summer camp (end of june) and we've snapchatted a couple times since then but not even that the past 2 weeks. Neither of us are big on texting anyway, but i told him to let me know if he ever wants to go fishing (we planned it on our last date) and he said he would but hasn't yet. Please I need a lot of opinions on this one I'm so lost. Am I being too impatient? What can I say to him to fix this?


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  • seems like his dad's forcin him doin things. i don't see y he shouldn't b interested anymore... maybe he had sth else 2 do when u suggested him to go for fishin, or his dad told him "no"... how old is he?

    • He just turned 18. And I asked him to let me know if he ever wants to go, I didn't give him a certain date or anything. He said he would but still nothing. But since we were never official maybe he just changed his mind and doesn't want to be. I still don't see why he kissed me once though

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    • Yeah he finally just asked. We're going in a couple weeks. I guess he's just really busy.

    • nice then! :)

  • Hmm have you ever considered asking him out and treating him?

    • I brought him with me for my birthday and paid for everything. He's just so nice that he normal insists he pays.

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