I need help... I don't know what to do?

The guy I'm dating and I has been getting into a lot of arguments for the last month or so. He complains about my smart mouth but I only get upset and smart based off his actions. I tell him time and time again he has bad communication. For instance he can go days with texting/calling me and always blame it on him being "busy" doing stuff. I feel like he's taking me for granted and has gotten way too comfortable. Now, that's it's the month of Ramadan he's became even more distant. Granted, I know this is a very spiritual month for Muslims but I just feel like we're going down hill. So I texted him last night and got upset because I seen he went out with his friends the ONLY reason I was upset was because I asked to see him because I miss him. I asked a couple days before seeing that he went out so I sent the message just saying I honestly think you take me for granted... he replies saying "smh you don't even know the half" and I replied back asking "what do you mean?" And he says "just know that I love you and everything will be better after Ramadan".

What did he mean by "I don't even know the half" ?


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  • get married, these half way games make no sense just stresses people out and wastes their time

    • Stress ain't the word, and I'm super attached because I lost my virginity to him

    • well, that wasn't very smart, but you got to learn to cut your losses sometimes.

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