Guys, what does this mean when my boyfriend said the following to me?

Before my bfs bro wedding.. Wen we met.. He told me had something to tell me... Wen asked what it is... He said not now but after my bros wedding and i said why.. He said just wait.. So i said ok. Then today after the wedding he says the wedding was hectic. it was at a hotel. It ended with a good note in the books. I will tell u about it in person. He never told me before it was at a hotel. Im his girlfriend of seven months n was never invited bc he said he's not ready to intro me to his family. He says he likes me n we hve great bonds n connection.. What does it mean... Has he found someone else? ...


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  • I don't know what it means but it's strange. After 7 months he should have introduced you to his family.

    • He says he is not ready bc im a different race from them n religion.. N wants tp intro at the right time.. It is weird but i hope he isn't breaking it off

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