Does she like me? she has a bf?

she looks at me a lot
she laughs at me all the time
she waited for me to finish to walk up with me
i was sititng behind her and she barged into me playfully
she called me babe
blew me a kiss,

we get on so well and i think she likes me, but i didn't say anything and someone else did, she now has a boyfriend, only been together for a week, u can't blame her right? she's not gona wait for ever for me ot make a move, i didn't make a move so she wasn't able to say yes or no, but what shud i do? tell her and let her choose? does it sound as tho she likes me or just friends?


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  • So you had your chance before she got a boyfriend, but you missed the opportunity...

    She was probably waiting for you to make the move, and yes, she got bored and got with her boyfriend.

    You can't tell her now, it's too late... maybe when things go haywire with her current boyfriend she'll come round to see you, but till then you should move on.

    You've got a lot to learn, and I can assume you're insecure/worried about approaching girls.

    • why is it to late exactly? what if she likes me more?

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    • how can she 'drop her boyfriend to be with me' when i haven't made a move yet? if i had then she rejected me then yes, but i haven't done anything, she dont know for sure i i like her.

    • You're not the one who has to make the move, she does... she's the one with the boyfriend, not you.

      Like I said, you had your chance to ask her out, but you failed to take it. Another guy stepped up and they're now in a relationship.

      If you want any chance you need to move on and hope she comes round to you when her relationship with the other guy fails...

      You have no power in what she does and the people she likes and dates.

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