How do I handle this?

My girlfriend and i have been having trouble. One of her friends tried to set her up with a mutual friend of ours. They both assure me they dont feel like that but they both think the other does. The guy has told me that my girlfriend said she likes him more than me and tried to get with him. My girlfriend admitted to saying those things but said she didn't mean them. We fought because i was worried they were doing something. She would hide their conversations from me. And they were making plans wuth eachother. I got upset and confronted her and now she said she just needs space for a couple of days. I just dont knowvwhats going on. We haven't been together that long. Its only my second relationship. What does all this mean and what should i do? I really dont want to end it. I really like her and i still think that this can be talked over.


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  • She admitted saying those things? What are you waiting for? Dump her.


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  • Get that leash off you and move on.

    But seriously, ''mutual friend?''


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