I like a guy. Don't know how you tell if they like you though?

I haven't had a lot of success with guys. In fact at 21 I've never had a boyfriend. I've tried playing it cool with guys, actually asking someone out and just doing what feels natural but I'm still in watching TV series episodes with my cats tonight. My sister has had a boyfriend for about two years and she says I'll probably meet someone soon but it hasn't happened yet. I'm fed up with people telling me I should be enjoying my singleness , it's none of their business and some of us are just unhappy and feel unfulfilled single.
Anyway, I've met a great guy who's a bit out of my league but always kind and talks to me a lot. Any ideas of how to handle it, given my record?


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  • Don't put him on a pedastal. Just be cool and let things be what they are.

    If you'rre having trouble meeting guys, you need to look for guys who are into what you're into. It works :)

  • Get.. out.. more... often?
    You are not going to find him watching ''series with your cats''

    Lastly be subtle with that, hint if he has a girlfriend, if that doesn't get that lightbulb glowing. then GL.

    • I do get out quite a lot, just feeling fed up tonight because everyone seems to be busy. I play in a sports team Monday nights, do volunteer work Tuesdays and most Friday and Saturday evenings I'm out with friends.

    • And when you are out with friends, do you stick with your friends, or do you mingle with others?

    • Both. If I don't feel comfortable (by which I mean feel threatened in some way, not simply shy) I stick with friends but if that's not the case I do go say hi to others and chat.

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