Why do some men think that they own women, or that women should respect them just because they're men?

I always felt like I was only a prize to men or a challenge. My friend tried setting me up twice. Both times were a disaster. I didn't feel connected with either of them. They both came across as awkward. The first one I would actually come to my house at midnight and just stay outside my house or just drive by. The second one was just weird. Didn't know how to start a conversation so I would just ignore him. He would always talk about weird stuff. I told him straight out convo should flow. And he said I was unemotional cuz I didn't talk to him. I just said he was weird, and didn't know how to talk to girls. He just also has this attitude that he was untitled to women
example of his weirdness:
he texted me randomly at 2am sending me pictures of a hotel room. I said wtf are you sending me pictures of a hotel room. And he said he was at a concert. I'm like do you honestly think I should care about that? Then that's when we started to fight. Like who randomly starts a convo with a gucking picture of a hotel room?
Mate people really that awkward and confused how to start convos?


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  • So are you made at him in particular or is your question related to the title?


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