Girls, do you get attached to a guy after sleeping with him?

I've had so many friends end up dating after they had sex. I always try to go about it the regular way and get to know the girl first, but this hasn't gone so well for me.


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  • Other way around. I get attached to a guy, and after a certain point I start to feel the need to sleep with him.

    • How long does that take? Do you guys just casually hang out and then you fall for him aftera ffew times?

    • It really depends on the guy. I haven't been with that many guys... with my boyfriend, I didn't have any intentions of the sort at first. We were best friends, I developed feelings, then about a month after I realized I liked him as more than a friend, we had sex.

      I think how long it takes for each girl to reach that point will differ not only on the guy, but also on the girls' past experiences with guys. I was cheated on in my last relationship, which was a pretty toxic one in hindsight. So that was a big factor.

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  • Only if he won't unlock the cuffs.

    Honestly, I think more guys have this issue.

  • honestly as dumb as this is going to sound, it depends on what my intentions are with him. I might like a guy but only want to sleep with him, so I wouldn't get attached after sex. but if I get something more and could picture a relationship then yeah I'd probably be more attached. if you do or don't want that to happen with you just talk to her about it and make it clear it's what you both want.


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