If the kiss lacks sparks, is it always time to give up?

Last weekend as this big formal dance I went with a boy whom I've like since high school began(3 years ago) he's adorable and we're constantly together, but when we kissed, for the first time I might add, it was not something that sparked, my eyes closed I let him caress my lips and yet I felt embarrassed, I focused on trying my best to make it better, but in the end it got awkward, and I left the car. He texted me about how amazing the whole night was and how it had a great ending but I was almost afraid to text back! We kind of let it slip by us, and now pretend it never happened, and are still extremely close. He's a great guy and I still think I like him.

here's the question, with no connection during the kiss, does it always mean there's no chemistry in the relationship, and if so is it ever possible to try and look past it and try again. Working it out in the end. If will even work out?


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  • My answer would be yes, could you imagine your self spending the rest of your life with a guy that's kiss did not even light a spark in you? Marriage is hard enough and to began with you need an all consuming fire to help when times are hard and you want to throw it all away. I was married 5 years. To a guy that's kiss never made a single spark in me and it was a very cold lonely 5 years. I judge a potential relationship by that first kiss, it does not have to bring a flame but you need at least a spark to give you something to work with.