Is my girlfriend acting childish over a little fun I had driving with her, or am I the one wrong and was acting immature?

Today i took my girlfriend for lunch, after lunch i wanted to have some fun wiith her on some backroads and i went past and did some fun things with my car, the whole time she was like "stop it!", "i'm going to throw up", "slow down, you're scaring me", and finally "you're so immature". I mean i was trying to have some fun with her and make her smile but now she is mad at me and slammed the car door when i droped her off at her house. I mean c'mon isn't she acting a bit negative on this one? Or should i have listen to her? She said she won't text me back unless i say sorry but I don't know if i should, what is your take on this?


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  • You should've stopped when she said stop the first time. For that reason I think you do need to apologize. For whatever reason she was scared and instead of seeing to her needs, you ignored them (regardless if you intentions were pure). Just say sorry and then there is no more issue! (:

    • I don't know i guess i should apologize actually, she said her stomach was upset when she went home. i just wanted to make her happy and surprise her, but she was quite mad :/ wouldn't you want to fool around and go fast and so fun things?

    • It doesn't matter what other girls like/want. Only worry about the one you're dating.

    • true that. i knew some other girls that liked it so i though my girlfriend would like it. She is my first ever girlfriend and now that i think of it i will say sorry and take her out for lunch again, i did act dumb now that i think about what i did :( i'll say sorry

  • You were driving dangerously in her eyes, and she probably sees it like you were putting her in danger. I know it's fun, but it's only fun if you actually want to do it.

    • i didn't ask her if she wanted, i kinda wanted to surprise her with some fun but apparently to her it's not fun. I don't know i guess i should apologize actually, she said her stomach was upset when she went home

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    • That's really good of you, I'm sure she'll really appreciate that.

    • i was acting stupid, i took time to think about my actions and yeah she was not having fun, i will make it up to her.

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