How do I find one of those clingy girls who will do anything for me?

Like seriously? Where are they all? I always hear guys bitch about how their girlfriend calls and texts them too much, yet i've never had this problem. I have my phone number on the side of my truck and my phone still doesn't blow up. haha. (It's on there for my business)


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  • Hahahaha😂😂😂 that's such a good idea... maybe you need to rethink your business though if your phone isn't blowing up

    • It does, just not from the sign on my truck.

    • Well that's unfortunate... hmmm I don't know where they all are

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  • Ikr, i love clingy girls.

    here's a tip, go for girls that dress in dark clothes, and seem introverted. Those are signs that she is insecure. Insecure = clingy


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  • My friend would be so great for you, she literally never shuts up about her boyfriend.

    • oh god. I don't want to hear about her boyfriend. haha

    • Yeah... but if you date her, she'll never shut up about you and always want to be with you all the time. ALL THE TIME.

  • Get somebody who's insecure, low confidence or inexperienced.


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