Dating someone that lives an hour away?

Is it worth it to date someone that lives an hour away? I met this guy and we hit it off pretty good and have great chemistry... he lives an hour away though so I am worried distance may be the deal breaker... anyone ever have this and it worked out? Thanks!
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  • I have experience with this. Unless you both drive or can make the effort, it can be doomed. I lived about 40 mins away. We saw each other only on weekends. She had a curfew so it sucked to get her, bring to my place, then drive her home again. It was about 2.5 hours of driving per date! She was a bit younger, and she worked, so she couldn't say over. She lived with her parents, so I couldn't stay there either. That sucked! She didn't have a car, so I always drove. I never asked for gas money, or anything, but vehicle expenses start to add up after a while. The first little while did suck. Personally I would not do it again. To hard logistically. This was also back when there was no texting or emailing yet. It got better once we were able to have "sleepovers". Today may be a different story. It is easier to stay in touch. I would say it can work if you both make an equal effort to split the transportation. Staying for a whole weekend will add to the success.


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  • People have been in long distance relationships with far greater distances. I think you should count yourself lucky that you connected with someone who's an hour away, that's doable! : )


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  • gezz.. it's only one hour,.

  • find someone else.


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