Is it okay to talk to others guys if the guy your seeing isn't your boyfriend?

Let's say your seeing this guy you guys have told each other you like eachother but the main attraction he has for you is purely physical.. He barely ever tries to get to know you on a deeper level.. But he makes it clear he wants to.. And you guys aren't bf/gf yet
but then another guy comes along...
what do I do?


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  • Well, I sorta think you should give your relationship a chance to flourish at least. Hard to show or prove you can be in a committed relationship if you can't be committed. I think it is a douchy move to be talking to other people while seeing someone.

    • But he hasn't even tried to make a deeper connection... What if it's better with this other guy

    • I totally understand what you are saying. I guess I just decide quicker about someone. Basically once I agree to go out with someone, I would not see anyone else. If after a couple or few dates it isn't going anywhere and I feel there is no mutual interest at the same time there is someone else of interest, I think the honourable thing to do is tell the first person it just isn't working out and end it. Now you are free and clear to pursue the other person 100% guilt free. If a relationship is going to work, most of the time it takes off like a rocket from day-one! So again, if a lot of time passes and you still aren't sure about this guy, chances are it is just going to fail.

What Girls Said 1

  • Does that other guy wanna know you personally?
    If so, tell guy A you better realise what you got, step up and get to know me before I'm gone


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