Girls, if u wear a crop top, shirt, bikini, whatever do u let a guy play/tickle/kiss/etc. with ur belly if he has a belly fetish?

If a guy came up to u and asked if he could play with ur belly button would u let him? If he asked to tickle ur belly would u let him? Stuff like that!


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  • No. No way. My own boyfriend hardly ever touches my stomach so why would I let anyone else? I had surgery a while ago so my stomach is sensitive. He knows that which is why he doesn't like touching it. If some guy came up to me wanting to touch my stomach I'd just ignore him and walk away fast. That'd strike me as creepy.

    • Well I see why u had surgery same for me :/

    • It's not just the surgery, it's the fact that I don't want anyone touching my stomach. Doesn't matter who or why, unless it's a doctor. I just don't like being touched.

    • I do lol I guess it's different depending on girl

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