Have I panicked?

I'm dating this guy for 9 months, we have a good relationship I really like him and it seems he likes me as well! But we haven't talked about the direction of our relationship until a few weeks ago that I told him that he should decide if he is serious and want a long term relationship and gave him a deadline to decide!! Now we have one week to this due date and now I'm not sure if I that's what I want? I don't know if I really want to marry him!
he is a really great, educated and decent guy and I really like him and maybe I'll never find anyone better than him, but now I'm unsure what I should do if He comes to me and proposes?


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  • Uh say yes? This is seriously gonna be the last time a dude proposes to you.


What Girls Said 1

  • When you asked him about thinking of a relationship then it meana you'r interested in him and you really like him.
    Always think deeply before making a serious decision , get to know about him well. Think that do you feel happy when your with him? Happiness matters the most in a relationship and also a guy who brings the best out of you would be the best guy for your rest of the life.
    If you believe that you'll be happy with him. if you beleive that you are ready spend your life with him then accept him. and if you like him very much but unsure if you'r ready to accept him then tell him that you need time to think about this. As i said always think deeply before making a serious decision. 😊


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