Girls, I lost my beautiful girl, I need advice to get her back. Please help me I will owe you one big time! ABSOLUTELY NO GUYS?

First off I'm really embarrassed but I need help. Okay so me and my girl broke up early February after I had health complications. My girl and I first met in the summer two weeks before school. I was walking around this summer fest with two girls. When I saw my best bro and I went over to see him when I saw her. She was so beautiful, wearing light brown skinny jeans and a black tank top and light sweater, I had a insant connection with her. I couldnt believe how beautiful she was. I remember the moment like it happened earlier today. My bro and I started hanging out and she came with (my bro was trying to get with her). As we walked two of my other guy friends came along. We decided to go for a cruz in my parents car that I borrowed and on the way to the car, I would help but notice I had seen her before off of Facebook (she added guys that she thought were out of she "league" and I accepted because I thought she was out of my "league") so I started calling she Facebook friend. When we got to the car I ditched the two blonds, one was cute and the other was always described as a rocket by my bros but wasn't my type. My 3 friends and I want cruzing with her. I noticed she was checking me out in the rear view mirror, but she also noticed me checking her out in the rear view mirror. I message her on Facebook the following Monday. I will be completely honest I was a player and I'm funny, so I got she cell number with ease. I texted her and we planned to hang out just me and her. We went shopping and then walked back to her house where I got to meet she families cats. Later that night she said we should jump in the pool with all our clothes on to end summer with a splash and we jump in. I could feel the attraction between us but I didn't make a move because I wanted to get to know her. We went inside after to warm up and dry off, as we did so I ended holding by the waist and cuddling. We hang out the next day at the beach, I was buzzed from drinking and she looked
amazing. I ended carrying her so her won't hurt her feet on the rocks. We ended up making out. The next weekend we hung out again and I asked her out as just me and she had dinner she said yes!! I was funny, a jock, a player and had a criminal past and she was a beautiful innocent cheerleader. She asked me to quit weed and I did. We tried our best to talk out all our relationship problems instead of fighting. One day we got in a fight because of this guy I knew won't stop messaging her. (I loyal
In relationships as was her but I was not good at trusting my girlfriends) and as we fought her broke into tears and said her loved me, I stopped right in my tracks, and work up the courage to say it back.(I had never said it to a girlfriend b4). As we processed in our relationship I love you became pure truth for both of us, we started to completely trusted each other. I stopped talking to girls her didn't want me to talk to, and she did the same with guys to make each other happier. We told ea


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  • So far, from what I am seeing here, dear, there is a Beautiful relationship starting and an amazing chemistry as well, I can tell.
    If there is more to this story, for it seemed you got Cut off, Continue somewhere, somehow... If you did Anything at all for her to Mistrust you because she knows about your past that wasn't a blast, if you messed up, then try to fight for her so you can get back Up with her.
    Good luck. xx

    • I can only post two updates a week I'm going to keep posting updates so you can see the whole thing so the advice might be better

    • Okay, well, so Far on This Posting here, I see a beautiful thing.. although it also is posted that you need help Now, maybe you messed up I do not know.. Anyways, so far so good. xx

  • only half a problem?

    • Can only post two updates a week I went to tell you the whole to try get more affective advice

    • post it now. what did you do at the end of all this? the story of how you met and all the rest is kinda irrelevant, we get u have never felt like this before but the nature of the break up is where you get your advice from

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