Was he just a flirty guy or did he feel something for me?

I knew this guy for a couple of years when we studied together but he left at the end of last year because he finished.
I always liked him from the first day I was partnered with him in class just by chance.
I want to know if he was into me or playing me?
*Would always be friendly- say hello, ask how i am etc, how my weekend was etc.
When he asked about my weekend he would ask if I went out and who with- the same on my birthday.
His friends would talk about my friends and he told them he thought i would make a good girlfriend.
He would flirt- when I had messy hair he said 'is that your sex hair?" haha.
His friend jokingly asked about my 'boyfriend' and he looked at me and afterward asked me if I had a boyfriend.
When it was holidays just before he left he called me twice (which he said was by mistake) and we talked for a bit.
Would follow/unfollow me on FB for a while but the he unfollowed me completely after I commented on his posts because I dont think his girlfriend liked it but liked about 5 of my pictures before he did.
I finally told him I liked him a few months ago and he saw it but he didn't respond and now he is starting to friend my friends on Facebook which is strange.
Why did he do all these things- flirty or did he feel something for me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Ask... him?

    Well maybe not THAT direct, but don't get you hopes up too much.
    Like you said, he already has a girlfriend.


What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds like your so-called 'friendship' with one another has been 'On again, off again,' depending on his Status, @ArielMermaid02. If he has a 'Girlfriend' he is good to go with you and if Not... He 'Unfollowed me completely.'
    He is not really reliable and with perhaps the same girl, he will Also play The... Same game time and time again with no Gain.
    Yes, I believe he liked you, maybe some 'Things-flirty,' but Not enough t make you his own... Girlfriend.
    Good luck. xx


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