Why do men Friend Zone you?

Meet a guy at gym, we talk every day crack jokes laugh, I swear i see him looking at me often cause I know im looking at him. We recently became friends on social media, we chatted on there for a couple days then i gave him my number to text me, he texted it right away when got it, we continued to chat daily for 4 days striaght about anything mostly working out cause thats what we have common interest in, but work, hobbies etc whatever we wanted. So I suggested we hang out sometime, he was a little weird about it by saying maybe when im not busy. I said alrighty and kinda ended the convo, he asked me what was wrong, I told him I am an honest person and like to speak what I feel but not sure how to answer that. He then said you won't freak me out and said I didn't mean to make it weird I thought we were just talking as friends. WHO TALKS TO THE OPOSITE SEX SEVERAL DAYS STRAIGHT THROUGH OUT THE DAY ALL DAY AND CONSIDERS IT JUST A FRIEND AFTER SO LONG? I mean sure relationships should start out as friendship I dunno im so confused, there were so many signs he did like me more and I even asked people they said really sounds like he is, even when at gym he trys to impress me with his masculiness his friend even busted his balls about it at one point. WHY DID I GET FRIEND ZONED?


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  • Guys usually don't friend zone girls. Most likely he isn't looking for a relationship, he probably thinks your cute/sexy but just doesn't want anything and doesn't want to lead you on.

    • Yeah, this is what I'm freaking thinking and this sucks! I have been finding emotionally unavailable men every where lately. He's younger then me by a few years and he's finishing up his BA degree. He's a pretty busy guy

    • Sorry, wish I could help.

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  • think of any reason you would freind zone a guy then you might have one of them as a possible reason : P

    • They only reason I would friend zone a guy is if I was un attracted to him, if his personality sucked I wouldn't even be friends with him... Im not ugly, not to sound big headed. ill put my pic on my profile.

  • It's a trick we learned from women.

    • A trick that does what?

  • People don't friendzone others.

    You can only friendzone yourself.


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