Is he telling the truth?

My boyfriend and I were together at his parents lake for the 4th. We went down Thursday night and, came back, yesterday. Well we had sex last Monday but that was it for the week. I wanted to do it Wednesday but he was to tired. We didn't do it all weekend there n I had my period. We did it last night and he didn't last long and blew a lot. But the week before he was gone for a friend's party for a weekend. And when, he came back he still didn't last that long but lasted longer than he did last night. And, he didn't blow as much. He told me I wasn't there making him hard like I was over the 4th at the lake so his balls were full. And before he went to his friends bachelor party for the weekend we did, it that Thursday night, and, he was back on Sunday. Is he telling the truth or did he do something when he was gone with his friends?


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  • Sweetie, there's so many factors that can influence how long a guy lasts, and how big of a load he delivers, it's really very hard to answer this question.

    For all you know he masturbated a lot - there's really no definitive way to know short of asking him.

  • I don`t think so honz


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