Are the things most women normally say they want really the things they want?

Logically, women should be the best source of advice for how to deal with women but people aren't logical. Many have told me that women haven't a clue what they want and some have even said they lie.

So, are girls honest about what they really want with themselves and with us. Or are they distorting the truth - deliberately or otherwise?

Remember, this is about the MAJORITY of women. Obviously some are great sources of advice and some are terrible but this is about the majority.
  • Women know what they want and are honest about it. Thus, they are a great source of advice for how to deal with women.
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  • Women know what they want but lie about it to guys. [Please explain why below]
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  • Women think they are telling the truth but they don't really know what they want.
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  • Women know they don't really know but are trying to help when they give guys advice.
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  • Women are completely useless when it comes to advice about women. Would a fisherman ask a fish for advice?
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  • Other/See results
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  • This is sorta ridculous. Gender has nothing to do with that, its maturity and the indvidual and whats going on with them

    A person only knows what they really want
    No else for the most part

    Depending on the situation and who it is, people can be confused, they can lie to keep a person interested or to distance themselves from them because they dont have any interest or very little

    You can never be certain at all, you have to take advice with a gain of salt usually when it comes to these things. Everyone thinks differently.

    • There does seem to be a persistent debate over whether women are honest though. I don't see the same when it comes to guys. We're generally seen as being more straightforward or simpler while women are more complicated.

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    • Eh Hollywood dude!😄 LA and stuff. Its probably not all that great but they sure make it sound cool

    • Ah, ok.

      Why the respect for their women more particularly? Is there a reason you think they have an abundance of "Doctor, model, crime fighting, cuddle-loving dominatrices"?

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  • Yeah... like women who say they want a nice, loving guy, but always end up with thugs and assholes...


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