Is she a shady liar?

Been dating this girl about two months now, we got off to a rocky start with her entertaining some guys pics in his junk. Long story short after seeing that in her phone I confronted her on it and everything was fine I was able to blow it off and she reassured me all was good. Two months later I see her texting someone named (a girls name) with emojis, however in looking at her phone I see the picture for this person is of her and her ex boyfriend... and "(a girls name)" was talking about jacking off... I saw they had sent long texts to each other in glancing over her shoulder however when I looked at the phone they were mostly deleted. Is this girl shady as hell and should I confront her about her weird ways again or just cut my losses? She just seems shady beyond comprehension to me...


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  • She seems very sneaky , like she has a lot to hide.

    If she feels the need to hide things, then clearly she knows what she is doing is wrong.
    Your relationship will always be a battlefield if she's unwilling to be dishonest.
    She will just think, how can I hide this better?
    And continue deleting things she knows you will disagree with.

    You have to sit back and think,
    Is this what you want to go through?
    Or are you better off not being with her at all?


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