Girls, So I went on a date and I don't know if she was just being nice, cuz we're friends, or if she's really wanting to go out again?

We've known eachother a few months.
We went out last week, on our first date.
She said she's over booked for a while.
During date she kept mentioning things we should do next time.
She texted me after saying she had a great time.
On Friday I asked her if she'd be up for going out with me to a place she mentioned, when her schedule clears up.
She said she would like to go and she will tell me as soon as she can do stuff again.
Saturday she started a conversation to thank me for a gift I gave her on Tuesday.
My question is, do you think she'll actually message me or is she just being nice? And when would be a good idea to ask her how her schedule looks, since I know she can ge distracted times


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  • ... Saturday she started a conversation to thank me for a gift...
    It seems to me from where I am sitting here, dear, if she wanted to really put you on her pay no mind list, she wouldn't have opened up another can of worms with These words that seem sweet and sincere.
    I think she is being 'Nice' and also caring enough to send her very best and may like you better than the rest.
    Not just being 'Polite' I think you may have meant. And yes, I believe that if you are the One who Owes her another message Now in Return, she will respond.
    With Answering Her on the gift deal, my Idea would be for you to say something 'Nice' of your own and tell her Simply: Please, let me Know when your schedule has been freed up so I can plan something special for us.
    This way she doesn't feel any pressure on her own end and she can Relax and not be So... Distracted at times.
    Good luck. xx

    • Hey, thanks a lot, what you're saying really makes sense, and you're right...
      I guess I'm a tad nervous because of past experiances and maybe because I had some friends warn me about her, but it was friends who don't know her like I do... And she's honestly just so incredibly sweet and amazing... And even our differences seem to compliment each other...
      I responded by tell her that i was happy to hear she enjoyed my gift. And I actually have picked the place we're going, it was a place she pointed out on our first date. And she said she will tell me when she can go.
      I mean I guess I'm nervous cuz I have little dating (only been on one before her) experiance, but she's been great holding my hand through what I should do to be honest lol... Which has just been amazing of her.
      Thanks for calming me down during a mini attack of worry :)

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    • We're definitely taking things slow. I really enjoy my time with her thusfar.
      I won't pressure her any. Honestly she's my friend, so I wouldn't want her uncomfortable.

    • I like the way that you are friends to start and with taking it slow, nursing and nursing what you have started, is a great way to Reap a possible romance. xx

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  • The question is does she know it was a date?

    • Umm you know... I was pretty unsure for a while...
      I mean she knows I went out over an hour just to meet with her.
      I had told her I was paying for dinner. And I did.
      I had flirted a bit with her quite a bit beforehand...
      I mean I still wasn't sure. Would that have been clear? She thanked me several times while we were out...
      Later on I told her I was nervous, honestly, and she told me that she didn't mind taking charge.
      So I mean, I THINK so...

    • Well to be honest as someone who has been in her position many times you cab flirt but that doesn't mean she likes likes you. Unless she calls you or texts you often or something because if a girl likes a guy trust me they will do anything and find a way to see him. I for example am going to call a guy I like even though I'm working. So maybe MAYBE it's just being nice. I mean you did all that even paid and just a thank you? And how long were you dating? A few months? Nah its just being nice. I was just like her at one point. I personally think she likes you but not like that especially when this has been going on for months

    • Well, I mean we'd known eachother longer but before now we'd only met at some events and parties in which she'd been pretty flirty and even left her friends to hang out with me, and she does initiate texts on occasion but I know it is mostly me...
      So then, do I just give up then.
      I seriously rather not keep trying if she's not interested. I mean she's a fun friend... But maybe I should take a step back so I don't get hurt... I mean regardless, we're friends... But it'll just really suck to be honest.
      A guy in this position doesn't stand a chance, though right?
      I guess I figured maybe I was doing too much pursuing... But her being the first one to start talking made me give my hopes up a bit.

  • Hi,

    To me it sounds like she’s being pretty sincere. Honestly when I don’t like a guy he gets a thank you before the night is over, but the last thing I’m going to do is suggest other things we can do for “next time” especially if I know there isn’t going to be a next time. I would be purposely trying to speed up the date, or at the very least keep the conversation away from the future. In your case, all you can do is wait and see if she messages you. I’d give it about 3days reach out, say good morning or something. Tell her you hope she’s having a great week so far, then wait until about Thursday before the weekend and ask her if she has any plans for the weekend.

    • She said thank you a couple times actually lol...
      Alright I'll do that in a few days. Honestly I've only been on one date before this and definitely never a second date... So I'm pretty stupid at this and don't know how things go.

  • ask her out again.


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