What makes guys treat a girl like shit in a relationship?

like genarally speaking , what makes a guy treat a girl like shit while some guys treat girls like a princess. Is it the way a girl acts that causes her to be treated like shit? Or is it the guy? Like i see sum couples where the guy worships the girl & on the other hand where i see the guy treat the girl like crap. So what causes a guy to treat his girlfriend like shit?


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  • What makes girls treat a guy like shirt in a relationships?

    Both genders are nasty creatures... not just men.


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  • I'd say for the most part it has to do with the guy more than the person they're with. If you're a good guy, you won't treat your girlfriend like crap.

    However, girls can contribute to this in a way by what they put up with. A pattern of allowing abusive behavior or to be walked all over will make you more susceptible to guys like that.


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  • partly it may also be caused by the behavior of the woman if she allows that man to treat her that way. it's my question to myself too before and I realized that if you want to be respected by that man, respect and love yourself first

  • Because they can.
    Because they get a power trip.
    Because they are mentally unbalanced and get a thrill.
    Because they are bored.
    Because they are dicks.

    And same goes for women. But take your pick of those reasons :)

  • The desire to feel they have power, to show their friends who are in control...

  • he's just a bad dude.


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