Is Your Date Always Late?

I met a girl on match. com and I really like her. However, she is always at least 40 minutes late each time. We will agree to meet at a restaurant at 1:00pm. She will text me around 1:00pm and tell me she is running late, gives a legitimate excuse, and will be there ASAP. Which is about 40 minutes later. I've seen her 4x and I finally wrote her an email asking if we could work something out because I don't want to wait like that anymore. She wrote me a nasty email calling me a "baby" and saying that when you have children stuff always happen. She was really upset with me. She said I could bring magazines and books to read while I'm waiting.

What is your take on people being late? What is the magical time where it's considered rude?


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  • I absolutely hate when people are late. If it happens regularly, I think they are being disrespectful of my time. Unfortunately, even if you ask them to pick a time they know they will be ready, they are the sort of people to always find stuff to busy themselves and they will still be late lol A very good friend of mine does the same thing, and we give her so much crap for it.

    So if traveling together isn't an option for the two of you (so that you don't have to sit and wait), I would just start showing up a half hour after your plans. Dead serious. You can even make the reservation for later and not tell her. I just joke with my friend now when she'll show up and apologize for being late again. "No worries I just got here. I always come a half hour late when I'm meeting up with you ;)"

    It's actually helped her to become more punctual!


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  • women are always late. get used to it