Do you add the people you are dating (met online) in facebook?

I've been on Tinder and OKC. I've dated quite a few guys and never asked their facebook account cause I want my privacy and dont really want to see whats happening with me.
I admit tho, i look them up on facebook and can see some interesting stuff lol
Is it okay for you that your date posts picture of you in their facebook especially when you are not exclusive?

What do you think if the person you are dating doesn't ask about your facebook?


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  • I usually only add people who I've met in person at least once cause I need to be able to see their faces for real.

    • Yeah I agree. I've been on more than one date with 3 geuys and i never really brought the topic of "you have facebook? Come, i'll add you" and they dont either. Is that no good?

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    • I think you dont get my point. I got to know him from Tinder, we met personally. We've been in 5 dates and until now we are not friends in facebook but he is friends with his other casual girls.

    • Then that should be okay. At least you've met them personally.

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