Should I stop trying to go out and date women because of my situation (See details)?

So this might be a bit of a novel- I'm 24, a guy, and I'm an engineering technician. I have high astigmatism and really bad farsightedness, and cannot pass the peripheral vision portion of the driving exam to save my life. I'm 5'7" and in shape but thin (I bike to work from my condo any day it isn't storming out and play in my company's soccer league, do light workouts and go hiking all the time). On top of other things, being unable to drive (and not being able to do anything about it) is super frustrating. It's usually a total dealbreaker for most women I talk to. my shortness is sometimes a problem too. Having a rough family life and constantly working full-time while commuting via bus or train to full-time engineering school just to pay my tuition and bills left me pretty much no time for relationships the past 5 years. I'm out now, at a job I like, in a great area and have a nice place and a short bike commute to work. I should add that in a virgin- a couple girls I wasn't attracted to have wanted to sleep with me but I know that I wouldn't be happy dating them (mostly personality traits or hygiene or weight issues), so I've declined. So no experience in the bedroom department either. Keeping in-shape and having a goal, and taking care of my appearance and health are important to me, so I'm not going to settle for less in a woman. I'm not complaining about my situation, I'm actually super lucky to be where I am in my career and personal life, and to still be alive in general. I just want a couple honest opinions here so I can make a choice. Should I stop pursuing a relationship casually and save myself grief and wasted time, money and effort? Or should I hold out for "her?"

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  • keep trying.


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  • Keep trying. Keep your standards but also realize that because of what you stated above it may take longer. And honestly there's really nothing wrong with that.


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  • Honestly if SHE can get a driving license then she can shut up about whether you have a license or not, anything beyond basic utility is just being materialistic. You have good chances even if your vision sucks.

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