Girls, Should I wait or should I act?

To be honest I really don't know if I should be asking this, but at the same time I do want opinions from women. So I guess j should start from the beginning of this story, I've been friends with this girl for about 5 years now, we met when we were both taken, and we spoke every now and again to just chat. About 3 years later I had broken up with my girlfriend, and she was there for me. Now though her ex boyfriend cheated on her a while ago, and I was there for her. We've had this kinda energy between us for years and I want her to want to be with me because she wants to, and not just as a rebound. But at the same time I feel that if i wait too long to tell her i like her, she may just end up with someone else.

so tl;dr should continue to wait? Or should I just tell her how I feel about her?


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  • Tell her how you feel. At this point I doubt she'll use you as a rebound seeing as you two have come a long way of knowing one another and been through a lot.

    • It's just this fear I have I guess that if I make a move it won't work out well, but at the same time I believe it will. I tend to second guess myself haha

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    • I know I really should, but I won't have the ability to do so for at a week since she has left for the states until the 14th and I don't want to do it by phone or text it just wouldn't feel personal/

    • Sadly this ended worse than I thought since while she was out on her trip she met a guy in one day of meeting him and now is dating him... guess I waited too long.

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  • Tell her, I think she is probably feeling the same way and is probably hoping you feel the same too. Now on the same note if it goes the way you want it too make sure to really take things slow. Start off by just going on a few dates and see how things progress from there.

  • Tell her tell her!!!


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