Is it possible to like someone but also just want to be friends at the same time?

I have a crush on my guy friend. It's a teeny tiny crush. It's not like I'm head over heels in love. It feels like I'm crushing on him, but I also just want to be friends. It's weird. I like him. If he'd ask me out I'd definitely say yes. But at the same time I'm perfectly ok with just being friends. I don't get jealous when he talks to other girls, I don't overly flirt with him, and I'm perfectly fine with just hanging out and playing basketball. Is that weird?


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  • No, that is normal. Not all crushes have to be head-over-heels-and-better-stalk-them-on-facebook-and-do-high-pitched-giggles crazy. This one sounds more like a really strong friendship where you really respect the guy. I'd also say that many crushes actually start out this way. Sometimes it starts with a "yeah, I guess he's pretty cool" then progresses to "he's the coolest cat on the block" then goes to a "I really want to be with him" crush.

    In any case, it is not weird. You should progress with your own crushes and lovelife just as fast as you want. You're doing great. Stay golden ponybo-- **ponygirl**

    • Lmao. I caught that at the end from the Outsiders.

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