Albanians or those with experience with Albanians: is he serious? Note: he (25) is the only son and the first one of his family to have ever moved?

away from Albania.

Had two dates, he held my hand, hugged, kissed me.
On the first date he started to french kiss me and wouldn't want to stop.
At the end of the date he told me that it had been one of the best days of his life.
I've been left confused.

Two days after the date I decided to call him and told him exactly this:
"Well, I had some time to recall what happened when we first met. There are some things that came to my mind.
You know, everything was fine and such, but we really need to slow things down a little bit.
I mean, you're a pretty cute guy but French kissing on our first date was a bit too fast for me.
As far as I can tell you, there is some chemistry between us but it's not yet enough.
Look, I may be a bit old-fashioned at the manner's front but I am not the type of person to get laid within two weeks.
And... there is one question I'd really like to get an honest answer to: Are you just having fun or seriously looking for someone?
Because truth is, there are other people who have interest in me and I don't want you to waste your time and I, precisely said, don't want to waste mine."

He said he was sorry and that I was completely right. He hesitated to answer the question and said something like "yeah, I am having fun. I mean, I am not looking for someone to marry right away. But I like you."

Right after the call he texted me that he thanked for the call and appreciated my honesty.

On our second date he did not hold my hand right from the start, told me once again the he liked my honesty and said that on the day we had met for the first time, everything came so naturally.
When he kissed me later on, he was more soft and also waited for me to initiate the kiss.
On that second date he asked me if a friend of mine knows about him. I said no. He said none of his friends know about me either.
It was only our second date but from what I've heard A. aren't serious if family/friends don't know about me.
Furthermore, he still has an online dating account.


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  • Most Albanians I know are total shitbags, seems like you dodged a bullet in my opinion.


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  • I think he told you himself, he is not serious and is looking for fun. That's it


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