Friend is looking for boyfriend but she dresses like an old lady help?

My friend just got a divorce. I believe the only reason he did it was because I think he was no longer attracted to her. I Only believe that be cuz I've seen men put up with ridiculous crap from a hot woman.

She has gained 35 - 40 pounds of weight. She is a black woman and became natural (she knows how to style it nicely but her hubby didn't like it) her body is kind of unattractive super flat butt, and unproportional body. She dresses like a 50 year old. She has a super cute face, and would be the model wife. Cooks, Cleans, bends over backwards for her now ex husband.

How can I help her attractive a guy?


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  • She has to feel good about herself (internally) for her to want to fix her exterior.
    Compliment her.
    Tell her how great of a person she is (give examples).
    Join a gym together with her (a way to show support)
    When she sheds off those lbs she'll shed off some of the stress as well.
    She'll feel good about her weight loss and achievements.
    You can compliment her new body and go shopping together (as a hobby).
    When she feels good about herself only then will she want to change.
    Exercising = looking great. It can improve someones self esteem.
    The extra weight she is carrying around is "baggage" from her last relationship.
    She has to get rid of that, in order to feel better about herself as a whole.


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  • Offer to give her a makeover to 'freshen' her look, now that she is newly single and back on the dating scene.

  • Take her shopping and choose some clothes for her subtly

  • She should go to the gym and change what she wears. She can look at magazines to get an idea.

  • Join the gym together. Do some excercise and dance classes together.