I like my massage therapist. Do you think she likes me?

So I want to be a pro fighter and I have been seeing this masssage for the past few months.

So my last 2 visits, I asked her out and she said no. First time she said no, she said she had to go to a baseball game and the 2nd time she said no, she seemed thrown off a little bit and was a bit hesitant. But right after the 2nd time I asked her out, she asked if she can feature me on her instagram and also as I was paying for my bill she asked for my number. Which I gladly gave.

anyways, we have been texting back and forth very minorly. The last time I texted her was on Wednesday. She sent me a selfie. I responded but she never texted me back. Which i found a little weird.

Anyways, I saw her today again for another massage and we did tease each other and I showed her a selfie of myself in my work uniform because I work in a restaurant full time. She said I looked cute. We even had an inside joke of nutella so i brought nutella over and kinda fed her as she was massaging me.

thoughts? please help me.

We were even talking about her like social life and stuff how she goes out once a week to drink with her friends. and I was like... "is that your only motive of fun?"

she replied " yeah, what else can a single girl do?"


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  • She might like you, but it's also possible she's not supposed to date clients. If you really want to date her, tell her you'll get another masseuse if it means you guys can go out for a drink ;). She'll understand if that's the thing holding her back.


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