If Mr. Right or Miss Right was knocking at your door would u be ready to be with them?

Just a general question. :) If the woman or man u have always hoped/dreamed for showed up at your door right now, would u be ready to be in a relationship with them? You know how sometimes people come in your life at the right or wrong time. Would u accept them with full arms or would turn them down? I feel like the answer is obvious but sometimes people can be in a time in their life where their not ready yet under certain circumstances, such as not being emotionally ready. For me, I can just imagine Zac Efron at the door & im in my pajamas (hair all crazy) and im like, "What took u so long?" haha. ;)

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  • I think it's too early for me to settle down, but if the perfect girl knocks on my door, I'm not gonna let that chance slip away. Sure, I may be settling down sooner than expected, but I know the future is gonna be great, so it's a sacrifice I'm willing to take.

    • Great Answer! :)

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    • Thanks for the MHO

    • Your welcome. :)

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  • Haha Zac Efron. Cutie :)

    Mr. Right, i believe, has already knocked for me and Im glad i did open the door.

    • Haha right, I just Love zac! Aww that's so sweet! :) Im happy for you. :)

    • Thank u :)
      Hope u find ur own Zac Efron
      HSM rocked, right? Much better than these current disney channel original movies. people look like they are on steroids

    • Your welcome. :) haha Thanks girl, me too! And yes it did rocked ;) Yes I agree,
      the Disney movies and people in them are different than all the old disney movies and shows lol. Smh