Is this girl playing me?

So im at a freinds house and the girl i like shows up. Originally she told me i needed new freinds because she didn't like the freind whos house i was at. But she showed up with her cousins late at night. She ends up argueing with my freind and i kind of am in the middle of it. Its hard for me to take either persons side but i tried to take the girl i likes side because im pretty close to her also and wanted to stand up for her. When they were argueing and yelling it may not of looked like i was taking her side all that much but after i texted her and told her i was sorry she went through that and i wasn't gonna let anything happen. She was cool with everything and told me i needed new freinds. A few days before that she told me that i needed new freinds. But the other guy who was there she is cool with so it didn't look that bad that i was there. And she told me she just didn't wanna talk about it anymore. And she said thanks and stuff and originally said we could hang out for sure. I asked a few days later if she would be free but she read my message 6 hours later and didn't respond. I really like this girl and i dont get why this is happening. I told her i would make new freinds. I dont know how im gonna get over this if she never responds. I mean i wish i could of stood up for her more but it was just hard because it was between both freinds.


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  • She sounds manipulative and controlling. Who is she to tell you if you need to make other friends?

    • Because she doesn't like one of my close friends. She used to be really close with him also but they got into it. She just thinks the people i hang out with who she knows or used to talk to she thinks i shouldn't be friends with them and i need new friends.

    • She should not have a say in this.

    • I know just because she doesn't like my friend who i have been friends with for 8 years.

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  • Yeah, playing you


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  • sounds like it.


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