Asking to Join Me to a Concert?

It's the summer before I head off to college and I've met a guy that I really hit it off with at work. He's taken me out twice, and we have intense chemistry. For a graduation gift, my brother gave me two tickets to see a concert in Denver in the middle of August, and my best friend and I were planning on going.
Unfortunately, she is leaving for vacation during that time, so now that ticket is free. Going to this concert would involve some roadtripping and stayin ght night somewhere, but I wanted to ask him if he wanted to come with me.
I'm about to leave for college, so I don't want any summer regrets, but I don't know whether it's too forward to ask him; I really don't want to be creepy. What do you guys think? Thank you so much! :)


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  • Go for it. It will be fun =).
    But, if you're gunning for a relationship through this, college really changes you and you meet a lot of new people there! =)


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