Great first date, when I Isuggested we should go out again she said "Yes... Maybe... Yes"... Am I over thinking this?

Met a girl on Tinder and went out for a drink last night. I think it went well, we definitely had chemistry - laughed at each other's jokes and had some deep conversations, i can't remember any awkward silences. As first dates go I've never felt so comfortable around the other person. At the end of the night I walked her to the station, hugged her and suggested we should go out again. She kind of nervously said "Yes... Maybe... Yes". She did say yes... With a maybe in there... But it kind of threw me because I got the feeling she was really into me and wouldn't hesitate to set up plans to meet up again. Maybe she's just a bit shy? Maybe she's being polite and wasn't into me? Maybe I'm over thinking this? I'm asking her out again regardless, but I'd love to know whether she's into me or not.


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  • Not sure why she said maybe

    But either way , I'd pretend I didn't hear that part.

    Just go about things as you naturally would and plan for another date.

    Her actions will show if she's really interested or not

  • Maybe, maybe yes you are maybe over thinking maybe this! What do you think? Go ahead and ask her out again!


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