Dating a guy who is two years younger than you... Is that weird?

So this guy and I have been talking but sometimes I get the vibe that he likes me. The problem is that he is two years younger than me. He is 16 (birthday coming up Sept of 2k15) and I'm turning 19 this August. I've graduated last month and he is going to be a Junior ( I thought he was a senior but found out the truth today which made me ask this question bc I have developed feelings for him) he is very mature for his age and before I knew his age he looks 18 and thinks like a mature smart person. I, on the other hand can and is very child like for my age (I'm mature but I'm childlike at heart). so I think it's ok,
I usually don't date guys younger than me but then again he is very mature for his age and looks older.
so what do you think... Is it weird? I think it but at the same time or bc it is just by two years.


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  • Only two years? It's nothing. Once you get older, you won't scoff at a 20 years difference. 50 and 30 are fine. As long as you are over I would say 20. You're old enough to know what you want out of life. In your case though, there is the age of consent thing. But for such a small difference in age, it doesn't concern me. It's not like if you were 30yo lusting for a 15yo. I consider you two pretty much the same age.

    • Yeah here where I live 16 is the age of consent (not that I'm gonna have sex with him, I rather wait lol)

      Yeah I should but I'm haven't dated in 6yrs and I didn't want my first relationship in 6yrs to be a scandal be I didn't know how common dating a guy that is not just younger but me being almost 19 and him being almost 17 (both turning this year a month apart)

    • @Asker Well have fun ! :-)

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  • So actually right now he's 15 and you're 18. It's legal where I live, but I still find it rather questionable. Girls are supposed to be more mature than guys, and even then when the genders are reversed, I think the girl is being exploited.
    This is my opinion.

    • Ugh no he is 16 now and turning 17 this sept (sorry for the confusion). So when he turns 17 in Sept I would have already turned 19 in August. So it's a 2yrs and a month age difference. In my state 16 is legal ( but if there is a 4 year gap it's illegal)

      I didn't understand the last part " and even then I think the girl is being exploited". I'm mature but for him he is like way too mature for his age. Like I thought he was my age lol

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  • It's fine. If you click go for it. 2 years is nothing.

    • You really think so? Even though he is legal in my state, I just thought it'd still be strange for people in my area. Thanks tho :)

    • Yep. Its legal, if you like eachother go for it. :)

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  • Nope. Not weird...
    But him being 16... that's kind of strange - in a way that he's a minor.

    • Yeah it is weird but he's turning 17 in sept. It's kind of weird by him being in high school and I just graduated but then I was think about it, he's be 24 and I 26. Then it's not weird at all. So I don't know, it is but it isn't in a way lol that's why I'm asking to see whT people thought.

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    • "He' s a minor" Ugh! that's makes it gross lol but in my state he'd be legal. I'll just wait and keep it at a friendship lol Lol

    • You know you can be in a relationship, but just not that public until he's legal - or wait until he is. Whatever makes you feel better and makes it more relaxing and natural. =)

  • I do not consider it weird or uncommon.

    • Really? I hope not. If you put us next together he's the one who will look older. So I don't know.

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