What am I supposed to do when I start to like a guy?

Here's the thing, I never dated in high school. So, when I turned 18, I went to online dating because I wasn't sure how to meet guys in person. With online dating , flirting and making a move is easier for me because I know that they find interest in me too. However, all of the guys online would always say "Can I take you out sometime?" then suddenly cut off contact before hand. So, I gave up online dating.
Fast foward 3 years, when I meet a guy in real life that I fancy, I have no idea what to do. I have a hard time telling the diffrence between being friendly or showing interest. Even if there is flirting, I am still confused how to show interest in going to the next step, a date.


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  • Ask the guy out. Guys don't generally flirt if we're not interested on some level. Also unlike girls, most of us will go on a date with you even if we're not really interested "because who knows". Then generally be pretty honest about whether we want a second date and why.

    tl;dr ask him out


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