What should I do?

Ok so I'm or I was dating a guy I really like him
on July 4th I went to a party. My crush told me he was gonna pick me up after because he wanted to go out with me after the party I told him okay and he was gonna text me.
Then his cousin which is also my friend is a neightboor to my friends house where the party was. I snapchat him and told him to come over and he went but he stayed in the parking lot. After that he asked me if I had a ride I told him no because my crush didn't text me that night I guessed he was drunk. Both of them have bikes (motorcycles) and his cousin told me i can take you home but my cousin will get mad and I told him " he doesn't gotta know" he was like okay im gonna grab an extra helmet. Then he took me home. Liike 5 min after my crush texted me telling me "fuck you, go with my cousin" blah blah he told me I was a fucking stupid i couldve text him' I told him It was only a ride. Then he told me "telling him im not supposed to know is wrong I never keep anything from you" blah blah tbh I felt really bad. But he is not my boyfriend he only talks to me when he wants sex And that pisses me off. Now he doesn't text me. I think this kind of relationship is over but I dont want that I really like him. What should I do? did i do wrong? Or he is just over reacting?


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  • He's over-reacting, but it's probably over. It sounds like he was only trying to be in your pants anyway and you should move on. Find a boyfriend or a less dramatic fuck-buddy.


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