My boyfriend rarely plan dates with me?

I feel like most of the time, I call him up or let him know that I will be around for the weekend and I want to spend time with him. He usually always available but there are times when I wait for him to come home or cause he is so busy playing game he doesn't pay attention to his phone and then waste my time.

I have been trying to address it with him that it would make me feel better if he does the planning. My schedule times are filling up and I don't see that we ever schedule time where it was uninteruppted. He said he will do better and that he will plan something for us... Nothing so far. It has been hours. I think he is mad but I am just being honest. I feel bad that I put in more effort when he doesn't. Should I just call it quit? I love him but all my friends are getting marry. Their boyfriend or fiance are attentive and mine is out with guy friends for July 4th. He doesn't tell me this and then tell me he is sorry but it is a free vacation. It makes me sad. What should I do to improve our relationship?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Talk to him.
    If he isn't responding or talking to you about this stuff, or talking and ignoring- give him an ultimatum.
    If he doesn't follow through on simple things like planning dates and things, and it's important to you, it might be a good idea to call it quits. You might not get him to change.


What Girls Said 1

  • Before giving up, try talking to him about it. Maybe together you may be able to find a solution.
    If he is not willing to try, break up with him.


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