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I know I'm acting like a girl but here I go. A few hours ago this girl I haven't talked to in about a year texted me just said how are you haven't talked to you in a while. Saw you the other day and thought I would text you. Hope all is well. y'all don't know how happy I am she texted me... only thing is we haven't talked in so long what should as chat about. Another thing Is a buddy of mine said it was weird that she texted me. I don't think it's weird since she was just being friendly and wondering how I am. I have always had a little part of me that was weak for her. But how do I talk to her? I really wanna date her and see what happens. I'm not sure if she has a man or not. But if I were just to text like friends and find a way to see if she's single or not shoukd it be an issue? Please reply with opinions.


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  • 1) There is no such thing as "acting like a girl". That's a stereotype.

    2) Just naturally talk to her. Ask her how she's doing and if she doesn't mind meeting up so you two can go into more depth about the past year. Pick a comfortable place--it could be lunch or coffee.

    • Thanks! That makes me feel better I just feel like sometimes that guys asking about love is just strange. Your opinion gave me great help. Thank you Mam!

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  • Why would this question make you sound like a girl?
    Lol but just keep texting and being friendly, I don't think a girl would go out of her way to text an old guy friend if she had a boyfriend
    The only reason I text old guy friends is because I secretly liked them back when we would hang out :)

  • she texting you after a long time of no talk maybe she feels something for you. girls don't normally text a guy first from nowhere. and if you like her just keep the convo going


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