Emotional guy help, what am I doing wrong?

Well, I have been with the dude for a good almost 6 months and lately he's been getting super emotional. Like- Godzilla on her period emotional. He's had a rough past and always brings it up only to quickly shoo it away, which is fine and all because I give him space. It's the fact he gets upset when I hang out with my friends. Me and him used to talk 24/7 until he got jealous and refused to admit it. He never tells me when there's a problem, so I can never solve it. He gets upset when I don't constantly talk to him, but when I do he becomes depressed to a point where its hard to understand him and converse with him. I try and confort him, but he pleads that it's nothing. I have no idea what to do anymore. Fights are constant. We love each other, but physically and mentally I am running out of patience. Am I doing something wrong? Please help.


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  • you should leave him.