Is it OK to sext a guy that's dating someone? Me and this guy have been texting/sexting a lot since February and we haven't hung out yet?


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  • He's dating someone? What a scumbag, and shame on you for pursuing it. I hope you get caught so that poor girl can move on from that player and maybe you two can be together -_-

    • Thanks for the help I didn't need to be told how stupid I am!! How do I tell him that we should stop?

    • Tell him "I can't keep doing this, it's not right to your girlfriend. Text me if you two ever break up"

    • Thanks so much!!

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  • If he's in a relationship and sexting you back, its really wrong, its okay to text, but sexting is going too far. Imagine if the girlfriend found out, put yourself in her shoes and think about it

  • He's technically cheating on her with you, that's a dick move towards his girlfriend! You two should be ashamed of yourselves!