How to tell a guy that I'm tired of sexting him and I feel stupid cause he has a gf?


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  • Agree with @Hippieswithchains.

    Either tell him outright and stop doing it, or just stop doing it, no explanation needed. Either way, completely stop (maybe even talking to him altogether if that's what's necessary), and do NOT let him talk you into it again. He's a cheater, and will say anything to convince you.


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  • Be outright. No need to try and play games. Just tell him that he has a girlfriend and you don't want to be th e girl that helps him cheat. Because that is what's happening. He's cheating on his girlfriend with you. Tell him you don't want to do it anymore. Then follow through with it. Don't do it anymore. If he tries to pressure you into it ask if he'd like his girlfriend to know about it. Don't let a guy use you

  • Say exactly that.


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