Should I pursue?

Of course there's a guy! When we see each other at public settings there is no denying the chemistry. I do a pretty good job at being neutral to maybe be certain of my claims. With him he interacts with me different from my friends... longer hugs, making sure I'm okay, kiss on the cheek gn, etc. Even my guy friends hv assumed that we were possibly talking or even had a close relationship. The dellima is once we depart I get little to no communication. Granted he's not much of a talker but I mesn c'mon, I don't like the idea of holding a conversation to myself or looking stupid... what do I do? I've tried to forget about him but the feelings just keep coming back everytime we see each other. And avoiding him is not really an option. Should I approach him or let it go? Am I being used for the moment or is someone there?


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  • go for it!


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