Guys, What does this mean for us?

I'll try make this short.
I've known this guy for about a year. We worked together (in different offices and different towns)
and we talk everyday and flirt etc. about 4 weeks ago I visited him in his home town which is about a 2 hour flight from where I live. We flirted like crazy, we had sex only once and most of the time we just cuddled on the couch and made dinner together and did heaps of outings together; we were acting like a couple.

After I went back to my town, he would still flirt with me and call me babe and leave "xx" at the end of his messages.
I'm back in his town at the moment (I'll be moving here soon, which he is excited about) and there is definitely something there between us, we haven't had sex but I have slept in the same bed as him as he invited me over for dinner.

he's always asking if I'm ok if I seem down and he's always teaching me new things; he taught me to drive his manual car which he never lets anyone else drive and he's helping get a job in his town.

Mer are always laughing and having a good time with each other. I really like him.

My questions are:
When we first started talking, we always spoke very sexually to each other and would send pics etc, now, he doesn't do that but still flirts and wants to hang out, does it sound like he wants to go further with me?
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  • It sounds very much that way. The sexual comments were coming from lust. The way he's behaving now sounds like it's coming from a place of love (or, at the very least, a place close to love, somewhere nearby :) ).

    Good luck. :)

  • He may have been lustful at first, but generally we guys think that's not a good foundation for a relationship and it makes girls think badly of us. So now he may have overcome it and is now concentrating on building a solid relationship based on friendship, gentlemanly behaviour, and trust.

    Since he continues to flirt and ask you out, I'll say he's still interested in the relationship and growing it.


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