So will I ever see or hear from this cutie?

So let me make this short! Basically i went to a firework show with my friend! I had to parallel park bc space was limited & I was struggling so bad lol so this cutie came over & helped me & I thanked him & he was like "I just wanna tell u I think you're beautiful!" & I smiled so hard & said thanks! He said his boys were leaving so he said he'd catch me later! After the show he caught my attention & said "aye come here" so I went over to him & he asked for my number & I think HE typed it in bc I don't remember typing my number! I believe I called it out to him! & then he asked for my name & I typed my first name in his phone! His friends were giggling lol! He was like "why y'all laughing?" So after we said thanks & stuff I went to my car & I was like DANGIT I should've gotten HIS name & number! That happened Thursday & I still haven't got a text from him! I'm wondering if he may have typed the number wrong! The hard part is is that I really wanna hear from him because he is VERY cute & his voice is sexy lol & he seems real sweet! But I didn't get his name or number! So how can I find him without that info? Lol! & why hasn't he texted? It's been four days! Lol & I know about the three day rule! What do y'all think? My friend & I wanna find him but how?& I really want a text from him!! Help yall! Thanks!


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  • Well, I'm afraid he's going to have to find YOU. Even if you hired a private detective, if that story is all the detail you've got, then chances are slim you'd be able to track him down.

    The "aye come here" part of your story was unnerving. Context is everything but that sounds disrespectful. A cool dude would go up to the girl, rather than using the command form to have her approach HIM. That was uncool, if that's really how it happened. Regardless of his tone or expression.

    I often wish people "good luck" when I offer an opinion. To be honest, based on that one detail you mentioned, in this case "lucky" might mean not seeing him again.


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