Guys, boyfriend is being distant should I be worried?

So boyfriend of three years has been distant twice this last year. Usually after a big fight. I give him his space and don't pressure him into talking. First time was three weeks. Last time was after a big fight and him finding out his best friend of twenty years is moving away soon. That one lasted almost three months and he tried to get me to break things off by saying that we don't work well together but he can't actually end it. He took it all back the very next morning. Things have been good for three months and we had a nothing fight and now he is distant again. His best friend leaves in a month and a half. Guess I'm just wondering if that could factor in. Our nothing fight was about dog daycare. I love him but i can't do anything if he is distant besides wait it out. We have a strong relationship but I can't help but feel a little scared that he might try to end it again.


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  • He's probably just sad about his friend moving away so all the emotions he's going through may be making him more distant from you. Best thing to do is be supportive and give him time. People who go through emotional turmoil and don't hide it well can seem like completely different people than when they're happy and loving.


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  • maybe it could be... but i wonder y he's fightin wid u since his best friend's leavin? ok possible xplanation would be... this thing might annoy him, and he tends to get pissed off by little things (like dog daycare as u mentioned)


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