Is it ok to feel insecure if my boyfriend likes and rates other girls pictures?

When he comments on other girls pictures he calls them hot, sexy, gourgouse... and rates them telling they are a easy 9.5... and yes those women are really really pretty and I feel so bad about it...

iiv talked to him before he told me its nothing and that I should let it go... i can not help but to feel insecure about it cause he once told me that there are some girls prettier than me...

Il admit I'm very insecure I'm even in thearapy for it for some years now... but lately things havnt been well with him I told him it hurts that he calls other girls pretty cause I am possessive over him but not to a degree were I ask him who he talks to or were he goes cause that would be silly...

but overall and girls would you feel bad about this? Would anyone else feel the way I would?


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  • saying that other girls are prettier than you on your face is a bit too much... it's a cardinal sin in any relationship... of course there will be innumerable girls that would be prettier than your girlfriend or guys who are more handsome n hotter than you boyfriend, but you just don't go around telling your partner about it... this is simply INSANE... I truly believe he is the one who needs a therapist... I know you are possessive about him but he doesn't deserve you (and as a matter of fact, he doesn't deserve any girl with that attitude)... Every girl and GUY is insecure to some degree about their partner, so you are perfectly justified there... please move on, don't waste your love on a person like this...


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  • Rating a pic is one thing, leaving a comment like the one your boyfriend is doing is another. The only one he should be complimenting like that is YOU. He has no respect or consideration for your feelings, and that's not right. As your boyfriend, his job is to make sure you feel secure with him, and he's doing the opposite. And you're already in therapy? He needs to man up and stop acting like he's single and be there for you. in my opinion.


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  • Seems normal to feel insecure. Not that you should be worried. We all look at other girls, its normal. Doesn't mean we don't like you.


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